Dews Meadow Farm Shop

Andy and Jane Bowler started Dews Meadow farm shop in 1986 and developed it into a successful, customer-focused business, employing staff who echo their passion for quality and friendliness.  With award winning pork products and an open day coming up it was time to take a step back and make sure the brand image, from the early days, stood strong and reflected where they are today.

With a loyal customer base and good brand recognition it was clear that refinement and clarity were what was required rather than a ‘roots-up’ rethink.  The brand remains strong to its heritage while reflecting the authority and quality of this highly acclaimed Oxfordshire based farm shop. The roll out of the new brand involves more than just a new type face – suggestions for the tone and way in which the story’s told has helped give the new Dews Meadow promotional leaflet a flavour of its own… but this is just the start!  The May 2007 open day was the excuse the team needed to shout about what they do well and the invitations, banners, website and rejuvenated brand all consistently go together to give the business the professional edge that their products and staff already have.

We have been working with Peajaykay since early 2007 and have always been delighted with the finished product, Philippa is always able to grasp the concept and bring it out in a new fresh professional image.
Jane – Dews Meadow